What is Laurin® MCT?

Laurin® MCT is your go-to daily supplement so you’ll always be 100%! Laurin® is 100% CocoMCT® that provides you with sustained natural energy for your brain and body. It is a light, flavor-free oil that stays naturally liquid, making it suitable as a daily health supplement.


What is CocoMCT?

CocoMCT ® is a unique and patented combination of MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides that comes from the most important and beneficial part of coconut oil. It is an essential fatty acid that promotes ketone production as an immediate source of energy for the brain and body to work in synergy.

Unlike other fatty acids, CocoMCT ® is not stored as body fat. It is quickly converted by our liver into ketone energy for our cells. This increases fat burning and supports weight loss.


What are the benefits of Laurin® MCT?

Aside from providing a natural energy boost that lasts throughout the day, Laurin® MCT is also known to improve brain function, increase fat burning, balance cholesterol levels and increase immunity.


How is it different from Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and Regular Coconut Oil?

Unlike regular coconut oil or other fats that take longer to digest, Laurin® MCT is easily digested and converted into ketones. These ketones act as your immediate energy source for your brain and body so you can perform better and be at your 100% in your everyday roles. Unlike regular coconut oil, Laurin ® is light, always liquid and has no coconut aftertaste.



How is Laurin® MCT different from unhealthy energy drinks?

  • 100% natural and healthy
  • Provides sustained energy—without the crash!
  • Sugar-free and non-GMO—without the sugar spike!
  • Taurine-free, so no palpitations!

How do I take Laurin® MCT? What is the dosage?

  • For first-timers, start with 1 teaspoon a day and consume with food. Then, increase dosage up to 1-2 tablespoons per meal once your stomach has adjusted to taking the oil. Remember, Laurin® gives you more energy. So, you take more when you need more energy!
  • Mix it into hot or cold beverages. You can also take it directly on its own.
  • Use Laurin® as a gourmet oil or as a daily health supplement.
  • You can also add Laurin® MCT to your morning coffee for an early boost of energy.


When is the best time to take Laurin® MCT?

Laurin® MCT is a quick source of energy. It is best taken in the morning, when you are more active mentally and physically. Another tablespoon can be taken in the afternoon / late afternoon for a quick energy recharge.

Where can I buy Laurin® MCT?

Laurin® MCT is available at Watsons and Mercury Drug stores. It also available at health and wellness stores, and online at Lazada.


How do I store Laurin® MCT?

Laurin® MCT is best stored in room temperature with the cap tightly closed. No need to refrigerate.

Can I use Laurin® MCT for cooking?

Yes! You can use Laurin MCT for pan-frying and sautéing at low to medium heat. It can also be used for baking, garnishing or as gourmet oil. It is not intended for deep frying or high-temperature cooking.

Is there an overdose? Are there any adverse effects?

Laurin ® is 100% natural. Adverse effects will result only to loose bowel movement. We recommend taking hydrating drinks and eating a banana when this happens.

Is Laurin® MCT safe for people with medical conditions?

Laurin ® is 100% natural and purely extracted from the most important and beneficial parts of coconut oil. It is generally safe for people with medical conditions. However, we recommend that you seek your physician’s advice when taking any kind of health or dietary supplement.

Is Laurin® MCT safe for lactating moms?

Laurin® MCT is classified as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) because it is 100% natural and made only with pure coconut oil. Thus, if coconut oil is safe for you, so is Laurin®! It also has Lauric acid that is also found in breastmilk. Lauric acid is proven to be highly antibacterial and antimicrobial to boost the immune system of not only the mom but also the baby. We also suggest that you always seek your physician’s advice.

Do I need to refrigerate Laurin® ?

There is no need to refrigerate Laurin® MCT.

When is the expiration date?

Two years after date of production as indicated on the bottle.

Why does Laurin® MCT have C12 or Lauric Acid?

There are special properties of C12 fatty acid such as its anti-microbial, anti-fungal and its satiating effect. These create a healthy gut microbiome.

C12 also converts to ketones at a slower rate than C8 and C10. As it converts to ketones at a “buffered” rate, the effect is extended mental alertness and improved stamina for physical activities. C12 is, in fact, very unique and important for the purpose of providing ketones as energy to the brain and muscles.

Laurin ® is 100% CocoMCT ® , a unique and patented combination of MCT plus Lauric Acid that has anti-pathogenic properties for the immune system. Lauric acid helps fight off bacteria, microbes and viruses that may be beneficial to the body. Most companies will try to debunk the Lauric acid simply because they cannot do it. The formula of Laurin ® is patented, making it a premium MCT oil.

Is Laurin® MCT FDA-approved?

Laurin ® is the only MCT brand approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This makes it available in many health stores and specialty
shops, and in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

The FDA is the national product regulatory agency that ensures the health and safety of food and drugs made available to the public. These products go through a range of tests to assure the best interest and safety of consumers.

Laurin ® MCT has undergone the rigorous quality system process of the Philippine FDA, thus earning certification. It provides safety and efficacy as a daily health supplement and natural energy booster. It is produced in the only Philippine- and US-FDA certified MCT plant in the country.

Is Laurin® MCT organic?

Laurin® is all-natural and pure MCT from coconut oil. We are currently working towards getting the organic certifications.




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